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About Virtual Judging

What is Virtual Judging?

Virtual Judging is a way of running some or all flights in a competition where the judges evaluate entries over a video-chat (like Zoom) connection instead of F2F (Face to Face). This allows for 'No Contact' judging.

Use Reggie eJudging - all scoresheet recording and recordkeeping is done on each judges cell phone/tablet/laptop. Reggie eJudging works on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iPhone, Android, Chromebook) using the recommended current Chrome browser (or a modern HTML5 browser like Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, etc.)

Considerations for Competition Organizer
Virtual Judging - Asynchronous vs. Synchronous judging

Reggie provides the capability to handle both Synchronous and Asynchronous judging. Synchronous Judging is where a judge pair judges the same entry at the same time (just like F2F sitting across a table) then discusses that entry and assigns a consensus score before moving on to the next entry. Asynchronous Judging lets each judge of the judge pair judge all of the entries of that flight on their own time, without any discussion or feedback from the other judge on those entries. Only after both judges have judged all entries, does Asynchronous Judging allow the judges to meet (virtually, over a video chat) to review all entries and scores, and to assign consensus scores to all entries.

Synchronous judges have the advantage of instant feedback (if one judge is detecting a defect, they can discuss while the beer is still in front of them). This also allows for mentoring and training of newer judges while compromising on the scores to be within the usual 7 (or 5, depending on the competition) points before coming to consensus. Asynchronous judging requires the judges to discuss their scoresheets without the ability to retaste the entry or change their notes or scores (which may have been assigned days ago).

Recommendations: In general, Synchronous judging should be used whenever possible. Asynchronous judging introduces some issues where judges may not agree on something but have no way to retaste the entry to make scoresheet adjustments. Asynchronous judging should only be used if there are scheduling issues that require it.

Virtual Judging recommendations from users
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