Welcome to the 12th Annual Chili Pepper Extravaganza!

October 22, 2023

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Congratulations to our 2023 Best Of Show winner Melissa Greenfield for the 36E (Mead)

HISTORY: The Pepper Extravaganza was a homebrew competition that was connected to the annual Pepper Fest in Largo, Florida. It was held each year, along with many display booths of pepper plants, pepper food preparations, and other pepper-related stuff. The Pepper Extravaganza homebrew competition was created by Dave Morgan (from the Dunedin Brewers Guild), and was held starting in 2007, with the final competition in 2009 - the last year of the Florida Pepper Fest. Dave has kindly given his permission for the Pepper Extravaganza to be continued in Colorado starting in 2015.


We look forward to judging some of your excellent Pepper Beers (and Meads/Ciders)! If you have any questions, please EMAIL Nelson, the Competition Organizer. Thanks for entering!